Urban Visuals is a international visual thinking company with operations in Toronto, Canada & London, England..  I have an ongoing relationship with them.  

Urban Visuals web-site

In 2020, I made a Unity app for UV that will be used in a store install.  I hope to share more info soon.  The app made in Unity works with a depth camera to skeleton tracking and sends the data to another application.

Vancouver International Film Centre

We completed a project for the Vancouver International Film Centre in October 2007.

I specifically worked on the software object for displaying "Now" and Next" information for the cinema. The work was built using Quartz software technology resident in Mac Os 10.   The "composition" was developed using the Quartz Composer application.


The basics of the "composition" are:

1) content is specified by data in RSS feed;  the composition will dynamically update the content from the feed.

2) The RSS feed data has URL's for the image and movie titles.

3) The "idents" are quicktime movies played from the hard disk of the computer running the composition.

4) A combination of Javascipt and patches control the display of images and  the sequencing of the segments.