I have worked on a variety projects in 2009 and coincidentally they have all been Mac OS X & iPhone based.


 I did some work over the summer for an agency in London called RPM.  I worked on the Stella Artois bar locator.  The app has since been removed from the app store.

Screenshot 2009.10.05 15.58.08

Angela Patchell Books

I worked closely with Angela Patchell on the first iPhone application for her specialist publishing company.  

Retro Design - link on iTunes 

Guardian Media Group

I had worked on an media content management system for the Guardian Media Group while working for Met Film Post Ltd.

It was quite a detailed project to provide a technical solution for the work flow for getting video shot on location and in the studio into a media repository and then edited using Final Cut Pro.

Much of the system was  build using OO Perl. There was a custom metadata editor for OS X created called the "Ingest App".  This application made extensive use of the QuickTime API and CoreData to represent the Meta Data in the application's state.

Quartz Composer


In 2009, I have worked on 2 Quartz Composer projects:

Project MINDTouch - Smart Lab, East London University - an interactive performance piece using Bluetooth and Quartz Composer.  I did the QC programming on this; the composition loaded movie clips and applied image effects from a real-time data source over bluetooth.  

MINDTouch Web-site

And while in Vancouver, I did some updates to the QC for the Vancouver International Film Centre with my colleagues at Urban Visuals.