3D burger

github.com/ManjitBedi/3D-Burger (July 2017)

This is an example project using SceneKit & Swift.  I intend to use this project as a test bed for tring out new things with Scene Kit & Swift.

I am thinking about the workflow for dealing 3D models and how to effecitvely use scene (SCN) files.  3D scenes can be created in code naturally & there are pro’s & con’s to either approach.   A scn file is very much ike scene files in Unity and level files in the Unreal engine. 

SCN files can be used for Mac OS, iOS and the Apple Watch as Scene Kit is available on all platforms.

Update August 2017

The app now works with the Watch OS 4 beta 5.  There was a problem with the loading of SCN files in the beta OS.