This month could be all about AR Kit & Scene Kit.

Create a session; get delegate callbacks & use anchors to place objects…

And I am doing some additional learning with Unity.  The timeline editor is quite impressive but also sufficiently complex that I would really like to get some deep training on how to use it.


Unity 2017 is in beta; I have been spending time getting to know the new timeline editor.  


Below is a video of a more advanced VR project that I made in Unity 3D using the Google Cardboard SDK.  I am enrolled in the VR Nanodegree from Udacity; this was one of my assignments.

For this proejct, I created two scenes and even did the modelling of the 3D objects.  I used SketchUp 2017 to create some geometry. One of the lesson learning on this course is making geometry takes time - fair enough.  Given more time I would explore making the buildings procedurally to be able to more efficiently make adjustments.  Working in VR, is an iterartive process. 


You can view the video full screen using Google cardboard to the get the VR effect!

I have made the project source code available to download.



It has been released, I did some work on updates to the CURATE app from MeLo-X. 😄 The app production was a collobroation with myself, Craig Shaynak & Federico Pascarella with an assist from Christian Lewcock.  Thanks to Christian (aka Homemade Jam) for making this happen.   

The real time audio effects were achieved using the very powerful Superpowered Audio SDK.