Curate MeLo-X

Curate Alpha been releassed.  Many new features have been added to the app & the UI has been changed considerably.  The original code was Objective-C; as I have been working on new features,  I would code them in Swift where possible. 

The app makes use of the Superpowered SDK for the real-time audio effects & also has support for Audiobus. 

The backgroud images were created by Xsullo.


You can downoad the current veriosn for iOS from here:

Curate Alpha download from the iOS app store


I have been spending more time with C# & Unity 2018.  A former colleague & friend has been working on a streaming audio SDK for game apps.  


I created a simple drving app, in Unity 3D,  with a scooter that you can drive along  a oval road.  The road was created using Easy Roads 3D.  Using Jukebox  Pro, I added some music that plays while you drvie around. 


I want to rebuild the terrain to add some water & also add some buidings like a small town.  I think it might be time to have a look at Mesh Builder pro.  And the HUD UI, is being converted over to use Text Mesh Pro.


While working on this concept, I was very interested to have volumetric clouds to cast shadows in real-time.  That is going to be for later.  I opted to use a skybox of clouds in the short term.