It is well into 2016,  I have been doing work at a company the last few months doing some very interesting work with structure sensors & much more work in Swift and SceneKit amongst other things.

Just recently, I learned that A-frame is out in the wild & usable.  I was pleastantly surprised with the worklfow - that is the goal to make it relatively easy to do VR on the Web.  I have a scene that I am workign on here:



And on my own time, I have been getting more familiar with the Unreal Engine, Unity 3D and Google Daydream (VR).  It is really interesting!

The video shows that as I move the phone, a reticle is displayed on screen; the camera does a ray cast hit test with the 3D objects in the scene.  The objects change colour and or start a particle animation when a hit occurs.  This small demo was made using Unity 3D.

On the subject of SceneKit, I have been doing much tinkering with trying things out like camera movement.  It has been a challenge to get the code to work.  There is a project on GitHub which I keep adding to as I try things out.  Here is the link.


Here is a short video some objects moving and camera following the objects.  This is a fairly typical scenario in coding visuals and something game like.  It took me some time to make sense of the SceneKit API; of course, once I understood it, it was quite apparent 😊.  The video does not look like much but believe me; it was quite a result.

More information to follow.  The White Hills app has been going through some revisions as well.