Prototyping in Scene Kit using Swift

I am now trying out using Swift to do some prototyping on concepts with Scene Kit.  I am liking it.  What I do need to is start using meshes imported as DAE files as my requirements are to use more complex meshes as I iterate through the development.

Prototyping in Quartz Composer

Recently, I have been doing some prototyping some visuals using Quartz Composer for some potential work.  I did also out of curiosity use Sprite Kit in a stand-alone Mac OS application but the frame rate was terrible.  I need to spend more time when convenient profiling the app.

White Hills

I have been working on an app for the band “White Hills” from New York as an after-hours project.  The app is being built using storyboards & features various sections;  I have been using Sprite Kit to add some animation in the app like particle effects.  Now with iOS 8 you can now use Open GL shaders.  I wanted to achieve a distortion effect in the splash sequence when the image changes.  I modified an existing shader program to work with in the app.

The Old Dragon’s Treasure

This project is a bit different.  One idea was too make the app as a fully interactive iOS app.  Various factors changed the course of the project from when it was first conceived numerous years ago.

I had been looking into the EPUB 3 format & suggested that we make an eBook version in the meantime.

The book is finished & is currently waiting for the publishers and writer of the book to submit it the iTunes Book store.

Baby Music Paint

I had been working part-time over the past months on this app with a colleague Marco Donati in Italy. It is finger painting app intended for young children.  When interacting with the app, musical notes are played.  There is a different note for each colour.

There is a second section of the app which is a like a piano.  You tap on the keys and music plays.

The app was made using storyboards and the interactive sections were coded using the  Sprite Kit framework.

The initial version of the app was using Google ad banners and in-app purchases. 

Update: July 2018,  It is no longer on the app store.  

A running app

From Dec 2013 to May 2014, I had been working with some people in the UK on a app that combines running and a narrative experience with game play elements.

I drew up a project plan and also designed a CMS to host the content.  I wanted to set up a workflow where the content could be more easily updated in the app by downloading it from a server.  Parse.com was being used initially to handle user accounts during sign-up.

My work was on the prototype of the app and leading up to getting to a minimum viable product (MVP) in iOS.  

I am not working on the project anymore.  I am planning to take the source code from the project and release it as an open source app when I have removed the commercial IP.  

Contact me if you are perhaps interested to know more about the project & source code.

Circa 1948

I had spent a good amount of time contributing my skill as a software developer to this project at the National Film Board of Canada.  I was one of a team of many working on this project; I worked on the iOS app for a good part of 8 months. The app which is currently a free download from the app store.

The app engine is using a custom 3D engine called Kraken created by Kearwood Gilbert.

I worked on much of the UI code was implemented in UI kit and storyboards.  The app went through a few iterations of different user interfaces while I was working on the project.

I also worked on the interaction logic which was coded in Objective-C.  It would interface with the engine which was mostly written in C++.

Circa 1948 - app store download