2013 - 2011

Mobile applications

I am in my fourth year of making mobile apps in iOS.  I have worked on over 20 projects. Besides the iOS SDK, I have been working with Cocos2D, Box2D, Unity 3D, HTML5, CSS3, Quartz Composer and SVG.

I just recently completed work on an iPad game prototype. It was built using Cocos2D and Box2D. I made use of sprite sheets created with Texture Packer.  I also used Cocosbuilder as part of the work flow to create the scenes.

An app that I made for a friend is live in the app store now.  It was built for iOS5 using storyboards.  Kavita app store link.  We have plans to add more to the app. over time.


The last big project that I did was an app. called Furious Hunger.  It is a big concept in recipes, food, and immersive interaction using video.  Version 1 of the app is currently free on the app. store.  I am no longer am associated with the project;  I was the lead developer on the initial version.  The project was spread over 6 months and the largest mobile app. that I have worked on as a sole developer; more people assisted towards the end of the project.

Processing, Arduino & DMX

I have done some tinkering with Arduino micro-controllers and using them with DMX lighting systems - very nifty.  I took some workshops with Openlabs in London.  Processing was used to communicate with the device over USB.

Interactive TV
Interactive TV has been around about a decade now.  Not surprisingly different rules apply when developing such services.  As one is using a remote control as a interface device and working with bandwidth and memory constraints: it is similar to developing services on mobile phones. 
Computer Games
I enjoy playing computer games as well as creating them.  For me, it is not just about code but also aesthetics and game play. Working in a small team, there is a a great amount of work to and it requires organization    I had been working on contemporary art project - the project is on hold at the moment.  Meanwhile, I am exploring game creation using the open source Cocos2DiTGB and Unity 3D project on the iPad.