Laius' Folly

laius med

Over 2006 and 2007, I have been developing a game called "Laius' Folly".  It is based on an original idea from the UK based artist Paul Noble.

The project is currently on hiatus as the game design and game play is being evaluated.  The game is being developed using the Torque Game Builder (TGB) engine from Garage Games A custom made arcade cabinet was made to display the gamet.  It is using a joystick and buttons to play the game.    The controls interface with a personal computer housed in the cabinet using a USB interface.  Like an actual arcade game, there is an attract mode which cycles until someone plays the game. The attract mode features some an animated title sequence, a high score table to name a few of the screens. All of the action takes place on one screen in the current design;  as the game progresses the difficulty increases.

jump med

There are some non player characters (NPC's) in the game.  The NPC's use rule based artificial intelligence used to control the NPC's.

The game is currently on hiatus for the foreseeable future.

More information about the game is available upon request.