White Hills

White Hills

Screenshots of Curate

I am doing some code refactoring on the app & rewriting portions of the code in Swift that was coded in Objective-C in 2023. Now in 2024, I am working on new features.

This app is an ongoing collaboration between the NYC rock group "White Hills" & myself.

An update was published in April 2021 which features a new augmented reality scene; it is a bit of fun & eye candy.

I also use this app a means to try out features in iOS as I continually work on the app code; some code has been converted from Objective-C to Swift.

Girl in a jacket

The augmented reality scene is using a chromatic aberration effect; this is done using the post processing feature available in SceneKit which can be also applied to AR.


The app has many features like an audio mixer, where you can mix a track using the original stems.