Some recent experiments ...Mar 2021

Virtual art gallery experiment with Juan Micelli (Unity + WebGL) works in Microsoft Edge, Chrome or Brave

This is work in progress; I intend to add colliders & add a hot key to toggle the audio in the video. The museum was made using Snaps in Unity; it is a very powerful way to create scenes using prefabs. Snaps - Unity web-site

Unity some basic animation Work in progress (Unity + WebGL) works in Microsoft Edge, Chrome or Brave

I am currently working on more adding animation and content to this at this time (Mar. 2021). I intend to use the timeline feature in Unity to create more elaborate motion graphics... there are some issues with tweening & dealing with the canvas size. I need to think about how to refactor this.

AR USD eye

This is really just a very minimal webpage that loads a USDZ file that can be viewed in AR on your mobile device; tested on iOS.

Trying out Spline - Spline 3D content creation tool

A little Twine experiment about Soup - Twine - hypertext storytelling

And I am doing a course in learning Three.js: example scene - Three.js