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Super Keno

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Project Description - early 2000's

I worked as the Open TV application developer for Super Keno for the Sky Vegas Live channel. Super Keno was the first enhanced TV show launched by Sky Digital of its kind. The application/service would handle real-time updates in the broadcast stream to control the game action. The service was loosely synchronized & worked quite well. I did all the programming for the client application which displayed the game cards and showed the game results and placing bets online via a "gaming engine" on a remote server.

The work I did was also used as the foundation for Poker Keno and Sky Vegas Live Roulette. I supported the developers of these games when they launched on Sky Vegas Live.

The Super Keno application was developed in C in the Open TV API; it was attached at run-time using dynamic linking to Sky's WAP TV browser. The WAP TV browser had some additional API's on top of the Open TV API. The Super Keno application handled key input, real time events, animations and XML request/responses. As there service was using real time updates, the internal state machine was quite complex.